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Expansion for Trading Depot U.K.Ltd. after moving from Magento 1 Commerce to Magento 2 Commerce

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Case study trading depot

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A Feature Rich Upgradefit for Growth

Within a short span of over 12 years, Trading Depot has grown across the UK with an extensive range of products. As the brand continued to grow, it became increasingly clear their current Magento Commerce 1 (formerly Enterprise Edition) site no longer met their requirements. More time was being spent fixing legacy issues rather than implementing new technologies and developing functionalities designed to optimise the customer experience. It was time to update the entire site to reflect their new branding and the new site needed to provide the stability to streamline the customer journey from product page to checkout, ultimately improving online conversions. Another key reason to migrate was that M1 was going to hit the end of life in June 2020, leaving all M1 stores post this date non-PCI-compliant and less secure with no future updates and features. Other key requirements for their new website were to address issues related to shipping charges, product images and reducing abandoned carts. They also wanted to implement CRM and ticketing systems.

It was essential that their new platform functionality supported their continuing expansion. It was obvious that Magento 2 Commerce was the best fit for a number of reasons, namely the scalable, secure and customisable nature of the platform.

Trading Depot chose to work with Axtrics Solution Pvt. Ltd., and started with a discovery session to outline Trading Depot’s goals for their new website. It was essential to start with a comprehensive website audit to pinpoint additional UX, design and technical challenges that might not have been obvious from a user perspective. Using their findings, Axtrics detailed an outline for the project and broke it down into key phases with corresponding timelines and milestones. With the end goal of improving the customer journey, we designed a bespoke website that reflected Trading Depot’s new branding and better accommodated their customers according to online buyer behaviour data.

Once the new custom designs were signed off by Trading Depot, it was time to start building the new website and the first step was to focus on resolving historic SEO and backlink issues from previous migrations and rebuilds to ensure all legacy issues weren’t carried over to the new site. To maximise the customer journey, the entire site navigation and site map was restructured according to keyword research and popular product recommendations.

Magento’s vast ecosystem enabled the site to be more stable and drastically improved the overall customer experience. Using Page Builder, a feature on Magento Commerce version 2.3, dynamic pages were created to showcase Trading Depot’s product offering. Page Builder enabled richer shopping experiences, greater flexibility for marketing, and simplified the day-to-day upkeep of the CMS pages thanks to the user-friendly drag and drop functionality.UX & UI is the key for better conversion, so we focused on each element’s importance & placement according to the viewport and we delivered separate themes for Desktop & Mobile.

There were few challenges in the migration like wrong attribute sets, incorrect attribute mappings, duplicate URLs, redirects etc. and since the catalogue was nearly 100K so it was very difficult to correct data related issues. But after working closely with Trading Depot we were able to correct the data using strong algorithms.

A Bespoke Experience Enabled By Effortless Content Management

Trading Depot also chose from a wide selection of third-party extensions on Magento’s Marketplace, including BSS Commerce to place labels on the product images, Elasticsearch® by Magedelight to provide customers the most accurate and quick search,Frequently Bought Together by Mageplaza, Mass Product Import & Update by Wyomind, Order Export by XTENTO, API to add payment method, Nosto to add personalized product
recommendations, ShipperHQ for shipping rates management as well as Facebook Pixel by Apptrain to track conversions from Facebook ads.

In addition to the above mentioned third-party extensions Axtrics also created custom extensions for Trading Depot which would help them in sending canned responses, displaying MegaMenu functionality, adding categories & brands on the homepage, adding blocks inside checkout page, sending emails, modifying “Sort By” option on catalog pages, and many more.

Faster Page Loads, Faster Checkouts, Fantastic Experiences

The new Trading Depot website went live in June 2020. Magento 2 Commerce gave them the stable platform they desired, as well as decreasing page load time by almost 50% and streamlining the customer journey from landing on the website to checkout. The results speak for themselves with conversions up by 10.3%, transactions up by 22.9%, average order value up by 6.4% and reduction in cart abandonment by 40%. As a result, Trading Depot have seen a 11% increase in revenues in less than 2 months. The Trading Depot team are spending less administrative time managing their pages thanks to Page Builder. They no longer need to wait for their development team to update content or create new landing pages. This allows their team to focus on providing their customers with the best experience possible and continue to expand.

Page load time is always crucial and makes a high impact on conversion. After the migration we were able to successfully deliver a site which loads in less than 2 seconds using best Magento practices, server caching, highly tuned server environment etc. The Trading Depot team found that the performance, usability, and maintenance of the new site surpassed their expectations.

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