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Phase 1


We begin with developing a growth stratergy that will be based on assumptions and empathy about the site users based on some research.

Phase 2


After determining the stratergy we rush towards the development and launch quickly with key features and keeping assumptions in mind.

Phase 3

Relentless Improvements

Once we have the site live we can continously optimize it. As we are gathering data which will help us in highlighting the pain points of users and guide us for the required optimizations.

Why Growth Driven Design?

With eCommerce, you cannot go 100% on assumptions. So, we choose Growth Driven Design over Traditional Design approach. Instead of doing the complete redesign of a store and sit idle for years we choose incremental changes that are user data-validated. Every design change is implemented with an objective to ease the shopping journey and ultimately an increase in conversion rate.

Growth Driven Design

  • A store can be launched in 4-8 weeks.
  • The store will be in continuous improvement and the changes will be relentless.
  • Results can be predicted as the improvements are data validated.
  • Better conversion rates as the focus is prioritized according to goals. Even a small color change of CTA can increase the conversion rate.
  • No design surprises. Customer will always be familiar with your store with continuous improvements to the user experience.


Traditional Web Design

  • Requires almost double or triple the time to launch the store.
  • Periodic changes which require complete redesign.
  • Unpredictable results as the changes are implemented on assumptions and guesses.
  • Unpredictable conversion rate. A major design change may lead to an increase or decrease in the CR.
  • It might surprise customers with altogether a new design which they are not familiar with. This might confuse them and result in Conversion drop.

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