Case Study : Revo America

Revo america tapped into the power of Magento Commerce with Axtrics


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Case study Revo America

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Inside Revo America’s future-ready eCommerce Transformation

Take a look around your neighbourhood: security cameras are everywhere! Our homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and airports all reply on video surveillance to strengthen their safety and security. One brand providing these safe experiences around all these properties is Revo America, a leader in security products manufacturing, management and support.  

With the earliest stages of the company dating back to the 1980s, Revo America has never been a stranger to growth. Right from their beginning, they always aimed for being among the top manufactures of security products in the US. Such futuristic vision led this brand to expand their product lines, enter new markets, and cater to the latest needs in the video surveillance industry. Revo America quickly established itself in the retail market as the upper echelon of video surveillance equipment.   

This same forward-looking mindset developed the next goal to evolve in the eCommerce space in late 2015. They knew commerce was transforming on all fronts. They didn’t want to miss acquiring worldwide customer base and exciting revenue opportunities that an online platform could offer.   

Together with their Professional Solution Partner, Axtrics eCommerce, they decided to embark on a journey of digital transformation.    


Choosing Axtrics eCommerce as their Magento partner made sense for Revo team, particularly because of our end-to-end expertise to handle everything from design, development, integration and launch. Revo America launched their online website in 2016, using Magento Commerce which helped them with:   

  • A credible source of product information accessible by anyone across the country  
  • An easy-to-use dashboard for easy management and oversight of all inventory and revenue  
  • The ability to manage multiple product lines from a single Magento instance  
  • Advanced ecommerce analytics for customized and accurate reports 
  • SEO-rich infrastructure, bettering organic search rankings  


With customers ranging from individual shoppers looking for the perfect home security systems, to small businesses wanting to strengthen their safety and security, Revo America needed a flexible eCommerce solution that could work seamlessly across multiple customer touch points.  To add onto that, in the video surveillance industry the combination of cameras types and numbers combined with different types of security recorders can create an overwhelming number of SKUs. In Revo’s case, their SKUs were thinly spread across multiple security features, making it difficult to source and  fulfil  orders.  


With this understanding they decided to make the leap to Magento Commerce 2 in 2018. Magento Commerce 2 allowed Revo to fulfil orders from any location and make more SKUs available online, while improving the customer experience and driving incremental revenue.  Magento 2’s flexibility and open framework allowed Revo America to make the customizations they needed to efficiently run their business and serve their customers. This upgrade helped Revo to fully automate their return process, including returning the product to inventory, refunds, and even payment fraud management. This fully integrated eCommerce solution helped them sell more products, improve the efficiency of their fulfilment operations, and scale effectively.  


Following are some of the most notable highlights of Revo America website experience:   


Magento 2 websites are responsive, meaning users can browse Revo America’s website from almost any device. For each type of screen, Revo America has the ability to choose which design elements are displayed more prominently to drive conversions. Every screen resolution contains full eCommerce functionalities to guarantee smooth experiences for all types of visitors.  


Revo America created an all-encompassing experience with their new homepage. A large sliding banners is also incorporated which can be easily managed to upload new slides and content from the Magento backend.  Additionally, they made their product categories accessible and dedicated a section for their most recent offers and coupon codes.  


Aside from their categories bar, Revo America provides multiple ways for visitors to find the products they’re looking for. The menu items offer easy browsing and a visible search bar for users who want to look for particular products.  Their search tool allows users to filter and narrow searches by attributes. Additionally, static features and new product sections deliver strong cross-selling potential.  


While the native features on the Magento storefront intrigued Revo America and have led to increased sales, integrating their store with third-party solutions has bolstered internal efficiency. Revo America took full advantage of Magento’s flexible codebase to create an entire eCommerce system that linked their stores with:  

As much as Revo America team wanted to view higher revenues and ROI, they also wanted to give their customers a personalised shopping experience. A successful marketing strategy always keeps the needs of end consumers in check. When it comes to providing customised shopping recommendations, there is no better extension other than Nosto. It collects and analyses various real-time data points on the website and seamlessly devise the most relevant up-sell and cross-sell product recommendations for each customer at the right times. With this extension Revo’s website guides its customers strategically for an uplifted shopping experience and captures customers who might have otherwise exit from the website and encourage customers to buy more rather than just looking at a single product.   

When onsite shopping experience is frictionless, your customers are more likely to make a purchase. Revo wanted to maximize their website usability and empower customers to find their perfect products faster and without much effort. Searchanise provides Revo ‘s site with a powerful auto-complete search bar and a relevant search results page that is populated instantly without any delay. It’s advanced search algorithm has the capability to learn from customer queries and offer personalized search suggestions based on previous search history.  

In addition to providing professional customer support, it is essential for any online business to come up with creative solutions that allows their customers to interact with each other.  Aframark is the most unique and affordable solution in the market to cater to this eCommerce requirement. With this cloud-based platform, all customer questions and answers are syndicated in real-time on Revo website. This extension not only provides instant authentic answers to Revo’s customers but also help in driving more traffic to the website and improve SEO due to the likeability of Google for original UGC (user generated content). Aframark includes an unmatched moderation algorithm that filters every question & answer to detect potential profanity and spam in more than 100 languages. It’s a win-win-win for Revo team, it’s customers and search engine rankings!  

The buy now, pay later trend in online shopping is fuelling the future of ecommerce. On Revo, customers can overcome their cash flow challenge and choose to pay for their orders with flexible instalments over time that may fit their budgets more comfortably. The complete payment amount is funded to Revo’s account in full upfront and all the risk and periodic payments are handled by bread platform. With this financing options, Revo gains the opportunity to drive growth and maximize their conversions.  

Just like word of mouth plays a crucial role in the success of brick-and-mortar shops, online customer reviews are essential for the popularity of online businesses. Gone are the days when you mindlessly scroll through a website and try to access if their products are any good. Revo’s exceptional products and customers service are showcased in the search results with Trustpilot’s star rating. Trustpilot maintains its reputation for providing authentic reviews which ensure transparency and consumer’s best interest. Even before clicking to go onto Revo’s website, a potential customer is convinced that it’s a genuine and trustworthy business.  

Even the smallest improvements on the checkout page could offer a significant impact on the conversion rate. For this, streamlining the checkout page is always essential for Revo and simply providing the ‘proceed to checkout’ button was not enough. So, we went ahead to make Revo’s checkout page user-friendly and intuitive with Aheadworks’s one step checkout extension. This solution simplified the checkout process by eliminating excessive steps, speed up conversions, optimized checkout for mobile users and improved conversion rates.   

With Google analytics, the store owners gain a standardised setup and insight into how their website and products are performing. It helps to track sales performance and know how much time a website visitor tales to complete a purchase. However, Revo team wanted to dig deeper which is possible with Google analytics enhanced ecommerce enabled. GA enhanced ecommerce charges up the impressions and transactional data in addition to providing with new metrics and dimension in the reporting. For checking website performance for revo we now make use of ecommerce reports such as shopping behaviour, checkout behaviour, product performance, sales performance and product list performance reports.  

Google adwords allows store owners to bid for top keywords and compete to get their ad shown in the top search positions. The ads shown are charged of pay per click (PPC) basis. Although the ads are paid, however these qualify for sending the most targeted ads back to the website. This integration allows Revo marketing team to focus specifically on people who are searching for video surveillance equipment similar to their own products. PPC ads deliver quick, straightforward results with detailed report so fall ad campaigns.   

As Bing is the second most used search engine in the United States after Google, so Revo team didn’t want to ignore it at all. Bing webmaster tools is a dashboard that allows to monitor the overall health of a website, see which keywords you rank for on bing, check how your site is crawled and indexed, monitor and resolve potential errors. All these features allowed Revo team to make adjustments and gain better rankings on bing.  

With hotjar integration, Revo team analyzes how website visitors interact with webpages, where specifically the visitors face issues on the pages,  and why they are not converting. Hotjar is a behaviour analytics and feedback service that complements the insights and data obtained from Google analytics. Hotjar procures user behaviour through tools such as heatmaps, surveys and session recordings.  

This integration allows Revo team to sync customer data between constant contact and their website. The benefit of this integration is that the contact lists are always up-to-date on constant contact and Revo team is always all ready to send their next promotion to all available contacts at any given time. This also allows to benefit  from contact segmentation. For example, there are separate contact lists maintained for dealers ad regular customers which helps to send targeted email campaigns.  

  • Facebook & Instagram Re-marketing 

Retargeting ads allow to remind potential customers of their previous visit and encourage them to finish their intended purchase. This integration analyses revo’s website visitors and helps to target such customers which in turn increase conversion rate and minimize abandoned carts.  

  • Amazon Product Feed 

Amazon product feeds helps to grow sales and increase conversions. With this integration, Revo team can quickly create an unlimited quantity of custom feeds compliant with amazon’s requirements. It also helps to conveniently track and manage all the feeds.  

  • Loyalty Program 

This custom extension allows to incentivize customers with reward points . Revo gives its customers with reward points for account sign up, email subscription, making purchases and product reviews. Loyalty programs helps to boost revenue, increase registered user spends, and increase buying frequency.  

  • Varnish & Redis Cache  

All website visitors expect to view all of webpages with the minimum loading time possible. If a websites takes longer time to load the content, it negatively affects both user experience and website SEO. To minimize loading times, Revo website is integrated with web caching servers – varnish and redis to speed up the website on both the frontend and the backend. Varnish detects device type and provide device specific services in addition to allowing modification of cache control headers. Redis offers a vast variety of data structures to meet specific store needs and is a great choice to minimize data access latency, ease the load and increase throughput. Redis enables easy scaling for higher loads without growing the costlier backend.  


Revo America have used Axtrics eCommerce to continuously incorporate the latest innovations since their launch. With their digital B2C capabilities, Revo America is able to manufacture their products in house, effectively source and track inventory, and facilitate smooth eCommerce operations with Magento Commerce. Here are some of the impressive statistics Revo team has seen after launching their website on Magento commerce:  

  • $7.2 million revenue generated online  
  • Over 1 million sessions since launch  
  • More than 650K new users  
  • 30% of users acquired from organic search  
  • Average session of about  4 minutes    
  • About 4 pages per session  
  • Over 11.5K transactions  
  • Google quality score of 10/10 for top keywords  
  • SEO score of 89/100  


We are an authentic eCommerce design and development team. Our deep understanding of Magento Commerce allows us to serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your eCommerce needs. We have architected, built, and integrated Magento systems for businesses of all sizes. To learn how we can help with your next Magento project, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at +1 (888) 907-0710 (US)/ +91 9596616161 (India) 

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