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Magento and Varnish with SSL Support using HAProxy

Rohan Sharma -

For Safe and Secure online transactions SSL is mandatory. Now if we are planning to use Varnish with our Magento then this something cannot be achieved using Varnish alone because it cannot handle HTTPS traffic. In our another article Install & Configure Varnish to Use with Magento 2 we showed how to configure Varnish as […]

Lightning Fast LAMP Environment on AWS EC2 for Magento 2.3 with Varnish & HAProxy

Rohan Sharma -

Well we all know that nobody likes a slow website, and this becomes even more crucial for eCommerce site owners. Every second delay can cost you a drop in your conversions. Talking about eCommerce and you can’t ignore Magento. It is also our preferred eCommerce platform for eCommerce Development. Magento comes loaded with features and […]