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With more and more firms investing in robust AI systems, Chatbots have matured into a real digital disruption that could shake up significant enterprises and customer interactions. Though chatbots aren’t a new name in the world of e-commerce, yet ELIZA was one of the earliest chatbots published in 1966 by dipping into the similar designing foundation used in several modern chatbots. However, the new thing is that there has been a lot of advancement in getting chatbots up to speed in handling and reacting to contextual information, because of big data and machine learning. This technology is intended to enable businesses to keep up the feeling of association along with eliminating wait times, dropped calls, and lost tempers. Ultimately, e-commerce is supposed to be handling your customer experience.

Users have become more demanding than ever before, expecting lightning-fast reactions to their requests regardless of the time or day of the week. eCommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes can’t regularly satisfy these requests every time. However, chatbots can be integral to client service since they are smarter than ever before and can store, break down and recall heaps of data.

Chatbots are also capable of living outside an eCommerce website. For instance, office supply store Staples’ Facebook Messenger chatbot can find articles and gives clients a chance to make buy items within the chat conversation.


A chatbot (known as a conversational specialist), is a software technology that mimics real human communication in a composed or spoken way. The benefit of using this innovation is that it saves time and costs by automating customer support in an eCommerce space around the clock. In addition to this, it creates leads and income by gathering previous data about a customer. Also, chatbots can redirect a potential customer to the data they are looking for.

Hipmunk is an example of high client service. It is a travel search engine that uses the technology for travel-related queries and suggestions on their website. Likewise, the office supply retailer Staples employs a chatbot to offer items based on order history. It also assists to finish a purchase straight through a chat.

As the technology is considerably new, users will probably wonder that they are speaking with a robot; especially when live-chatting. Chatbot technology is reliant upon the progress in NLP (natural language processing), and without extensive improvement in this field, it will remain a restricted algorithm and keep on battling with more complicated speech.

With the passing time, eCommerce chatbots are growing more advanced, capable of communicating more naturally. Who knows, they may get refined to such a degree that we fail to differentiate them from real people.

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That’s quite informative! Thank you for sharing it with us! I believe that as a business, you must invest in chatbot technology so that you don’t have to see your customers departing to your competition.

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