Beginning with A Social Media Branding Strategy

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Optimizing the social media branding strategy of your eCommerce store is essential in case you’re trying to improve interaction and engagement with your audience. You may have thousands or millions of followers on your Facebook page but still might slip to witness growth in ROI if nobody is interacting with the posts shared on your social media page.

The ultimate aim of any social media community is to build consumer trust in your brand. In this blog, we’re sharing some beneficial insights to help in creating an engaging and memorable social media experience for your brand.

Social Media Branding

In case your current social media branding strategy isn’t striking the desired results, then follow the tips written below to increase engagement, customer happiness, and ROI:

  • Discover the purpose of your brand
  • Pick a voice, character, and point of view
  • Humanize your content
  • Utilize automation, but not for everything
  • Employ analytic tools to gauge activity

Discover the purpose of your brand

Identifying the purpose of your brand is one of the most crucial steps to take before drafting the strategy of your social media branding. In case you don’t know where to begin, start by looking at the mission statement of your company.

Hold the vision of your brand, and think about how you desire your audience to perceive your brand. It will give you a perception of how your brand should represent itself on social media. Keep the objective of your business in your mind while sharing each piece of content on your social media page.

Pick a Voice, Tone & Point of View

After identifying the purpose of your brand, it’s time to discover the tone, voice, and point of view of your brand. Users are swarmed with countless social media ads every day, and we know that it can get hard to shine out from the competition.

Recognizing your audience and making them a member of your brand community proves that your brand is genuine and wins the trust of the customers, turning it into customer loyalty.

Humanize Your Content

Imagine! You’ve stumbled upon a new brand that looks appealing on social media. Their photographs seize your attention, enticing you to look more into the company. But, you tend to lose trust in the brand after noticing that the content seems like it was drafted by a robot.

As consumers, every individual has been there at some point or another. So, instill trust amongst customers by humanizing your content. Humanizing your content, with which the consumers can relate with will open routes for more engagement.

Utilize Automation, But Not for Everything

Although we just emphasized the significance of humanizing your content – that doesn’t imply that you can’t utilize automation! We suggest making use of automation to schedule and post content.

However, when it’s about the comments on social media with queries or concerns from customers, keep in mind to avoid automating your responses. Instead, take the time to respond uniquely to the questions of each individual. Replying individually to each customer make them feel recognized, showing them that your brand cares.

Here at Axtrics, we prefer using Buffer and to send out and schedule the social media posts automatically. Regardless of the software you use, don’t forget to optimize the content for every post so that your audience can correlate and engage with your brand.

Use Analytic Tools to Gauge Activity

Social media is one of the most widespread channels of communication, with around 97% of marketers employing social media to influence their audiences. Therefore, your social media branding strategy should significantly add to our ROI.

In case you’re not getting the desired outcomes, we suggest investing in an analytics tool to assess your activity. You’ll get an understanding of the performance of your brand, like how well your content is performing.


Buyers will care about your brand only if they experience the same care from your brand. Prioritizing customers and their different questions, remaining human, and granting authenticity while keeping your goals in your mind add to a great social media branding strategy.

We hope these invaluable insights have encouraged you to optimize your branding strategy! You can expect to notice a subsequent increase in engagement, customer satisfaction, and ROI by following these tips.

In case you would like to know more about how Axtrics can help your business to build an efficient social media branding strategy, you can reach us through the comment section given below. Our team will be pleased to help!

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