Tips to Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Building an optimized email marketing strategy is the main component of implementing the inbound methodology successfully. Continue reading to learn about some valuable email marketing tips that will help in personalizing your messaging and driving significant results.

Email Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Strategy

Besides following email marketing best practices, try implementing the below-written email marketing tips to increase your contact list, engage with your audience, and enhance the performance of the campaign:

  1. Build your email list
  2. Segment your contacts
  3. Draft a compelling subject line
  4. Discover a sending cadence
  5. Develop relationships
  6. Personalize emails
  7. Follow best practices
  8. Utilize automation
  9. Use A/B testing & optimize your strategy
  10. Take advantage of an email marketing platform

Build Your Email List

Instead of waiting for the festival season to build your email list, we suggest businesses focus on building their email lists throughout the year. No matter whether your business is selling goods or services, make sure to offer valuable content to your subscribers.

Valuable content can range from checklists, downloadable eBooks, and webinars to redeem codes, product recommendations, abandoned shopping-cart reminders, and more. Try using welcome offers like a first-time discount during signing up to increase the subscribers.

Also, you can leverage a lead capture tool like a form builder offered by Justuno or Klaviyo that will help you capture new email addresses from your website. Make use of behavioral targeting by targeting the users who have visited a particular page or visited your website x number of times.

Segment Your Contacts

One of the most valuable email marketing tips to follow is segmenting your contact list. It will help you cater to content to various personas of the buyer helping in making your brand more appropriate to your audience.

Sending one-time emails are a thing of the past. So segment your contacts to enhance your inbound marketing strategy. There are several ways to segment your contact list such as by lifecycle stage, coupon enthusiasts, high spenders, loyal consumers, and so much more.

Draft A Compelling Subject Line

The style and quality of a subject line directly impact the open rate of any email. Guarantee a high open-rate by producing intriguing and appealing email subject lines that line-up with the identity of your brand. Follow the below-written subject line best practices to captivate the attention of your subscribers and make them crave to read what’s inside:

  • The shorter, the better
  • Refrain from using spam language
  • Build a sense of urgency
  • Ask questions
  • Employ personalization tokens

In case you’re trying to gain more abandoned shopping-carts, try implementing these dropped cart subject line ideas to bring more people in and captivate that lost revenue.

Discover A Sending Cadence

Like various eCommerce businesses, probably you’re wondering what the ideal number is when it gets to sending emails. There is no universal thumb rule about building a sending cadence; although, we encourage all businesses to examine the goal of their campaigns.

For instance, let’s assume you want to send out a newsletter per week. If you have ample content to add new things in each newsletter, then probably a weekly newsletter is alright. However, keep analyzing the performance of the newsletter. If you observe a drop in open rate or subscribers, you may like to revise the weekly send and, alternatively, opt for bi-weekly.

Regardless of what your sending cadence is, keep monitoring the performance of your email to ascertain whether you’re sending too frequently (or not enough). Also, keep reminding yourself of the goal behind each email sent, and if you don’t know your goal from the jump, then don’t send any email.

Develop Relationships

As we already mentioned about the criticality of concentrating on building your email list throughout the year. It holds for various reasons − one being that establishing relationships before the holiday season is the key to increasing sales during holidays.

Klaviyo reports that around 60% of Cyber Weekend sales are directed by customers who are engaged with the brand before Q3 that same year. To develop relationships with your leads, prospects, and customers, make sure to observe the data that is in front of you. Have a keen look at:

  • Behavioral data − such as time spent on your website, product views, etc.
  • Transactional data − such as the quantity bought, money spent, sale vs. full price, etc.
  • Email engagement − such as clicks, opens, etc.

Leverage this data to divide your audience into segments and boost offers and content to send them the best emails. Send the right message at the right point in time to the people to develop customer relationships and lead them through the buying process.

Personalize Emails

Don’t hesitate to get personal in your emails! Take advantage of personalized tokens to increase the relevance of your offer and make it more eye-catching. HubSpot enables businesses to personalize content based upon the information from the contact record or company record of the viewers.

Use the first name of a contact, along with its gender, annual revenue, lifecycle stage, lead type, and a lot more to personalize your emails. Add personalization tokens like these in the subject line and preview the text of your emails to produce an individualized user experience and improve the open rate.

Follow Best Practices

Enforcing email marketing best practices is crucial for reaching your targeted inboxes and retaining your contact list. Make sure to insert alt text in images always. If an image crashes to load on the device of the recipient, the alt text translates the image into words for them.

Moreover, utilize attractive calls-to-action (CTA) in your emails. Make sure to apply these faintly as the excess of CTA buttons may confuse the recipient. Be sure to lead them where you desire them to go by creating the CTA button that catches the eye from the rest of the copy and then linking it to an appropriate landing page.

Utilize Automation

Of all the tips regarding email marketing discussed above, we highly recommend you to automate your email works. Email automation helps brands in guiding leads, prospects, and customers through the journey of a buyer by sending targeted messages based upon specific actions.

Create workflows based upon specific registration criteria so that the emails are sent right to the connections that are interested in a piece of content or a particular offer. Then, decide how many emails you want to follow-up with, design and customize the emails, and then schedule them with a set number of days between each email.

Automation saves the time of marketing teams and enables them to “set it and forget it.” Automating your emails is much easier than sending individual emails to every contact in your database. Also, it’s excellent for following up with buyers’ post-purchase.

Use A/B Testing & Optimize Your Strategy

A/B testing helps companies divide individual parts of an email to understand what influences the best outcomes. There are various components to examine within an email, such as templates, subject lines, preview text, design, creative imagery, personalization tokens, etc.

It’s essential to note that while A/B testing, there should be a single variable only that differentiates version A from version B. Make sure to have a large enough sample size so that your outcomes are statistically notable and valid.

Take Advantage of an Email Marketing Platform

If you want to strengthen up your email marketing efforts, we suggest you leverage an email marketing platform, namely Klaviyo or HubSpot. Although there are many other platforms to choose from, we generally recommend these two marketing platforms to our clients due to the multiple features they offer.

Look for the software that offers features such as profile, detailed reporting, segment, hyper-segmentation based upon the behavior of a visitor, URL and location targeting, pre-built autoresponders, and automation.


We hope the above-stated email marketing tips help you enhance your overall strategy, driving more conversions. You can post your thoughts or queries about what’s written in this blog through the comment section given below, and one of the team members will reach you asap.

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