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Email marketing can never fade away from the eCommerce world. An optimized email campaign carries the incredible potential of conversion rate, and of course, ROI. Time is the only price associated with email marketing, and if you are ready to commit yourself to the best email practices and upcoming trends, you’ll see significant results gradually.

Email Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020: Some of these trends are the best practices that you must follow.

Segmentation and Humanization

These are the two most essential ideas for email marketing. People are growing more sensitive towards content that is not tailored specifically for them but is still being showed up in their inbox. Nobody wants to feel that they are getting an email that was sent out to several hundreds of thousands of people or receiving a “spammy” email from an address like [email protected].

To take advantage of highly segmented email lists, you need to ensure your database is clean and sound. Smart lists are the best way to achieve this. A smart list applies specific criteria that you select, automatically populating contacts from your database that resembles it.

Creating smart lists of unsubscribed contacts, ineligible contacts, or people who haven’t opened an email from the last nine months, all are a great place to start. Then, you can add these lists to a master suppression list.

Then, you can generate numerous smart lists with the criteria matching the kind of emails you are going to send. For instance, if you sell a commodity that has many versions, such as a complete, upgrade, etc., you need to create lists tailored to those versions.

How to Execute It

Begin with excluding people who have already purchased your product. From there, you will need to recognize all the interested people who would buy each version of your product. Also, ensure that all the links in your email send the recipients to the right place on your website.

After cleaning your database and creating multiple smart lists, you require to humanize your emails. Then, use the segmented lists to send emails automatically, making your messages more personal being received to the relevant people.

Moreover, utilizing personalization marks in your preview text, subject lines, and body part, can provide a personal feel to your emails, making your recipients acknowledge what you intend to say more clearly. Finally, assure the email address you are going to send emails from, sounds more personal, as it’s always a good idea to forward emails from an address with a name attached to it.


Automation is a splendid device that makes your life as an email marketer a whole lot easier. You can establish workflows for absolutely any kind of eCommerce email marketing. You can create an automated workflow for a series of sales emails or a specific promotion that you are running for Black Friday. We recommend using HubSpot to build automated workflow functionality.

A couple of our favorite ways to practice workflows are for form submissions and abandoned carts. When you configure a workflow, you have to establish subscription criteria to ensure the contacts you are adding are very explicit and related to the emails within that workflow.

For instance, you can set a workflow for those who have filled the “Contact Us” form on your website and send the follow-up emails to the people who have approached you.

If you are in a lead generation business, you can formulate workflows for specific kinds of leads at different phases of the shopper’s journey. A workflow can send specific emails to your leads, making the organization of your contacts more convenient and get various messages across.

Integrate Email Marketing with Social Media

Social media works for users who seek out information, whereas emails are sent directly to the user. By integrating both, you can capitalize on their strengths and build your audience.

So how can email and social media work collectively to increase your business?

One way is to have an email/newsletter tab on the Facebook Page of your company. It’s the best way to make your email list utilizing social media.

Also, it allows you to build your social media presence through email by simply adding social media icons in the email. Users can ‘Like’ a promotion, tweet about the offer, share it with their friends, and much more. You can also promote your FB, Twitter, or other social platforms in your email to strengthen your online presence. You can even offer special discounts for joining your social campaign. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to build your customer base.

While businesses proceed to walk toward social media, remember that email marketing remains to be a powerful marketing tool and can operate with social media to help cultivate your client base.

Formulate an Interactive and Mobile-Friendly Email Experience

As the technological world grows more interactive, so should your emails. People answer particularly well to the interactive emails in the eCommerce world. GIFs perform great in an email if you want to put one particular product on display.

Also, you cannot forget the importance of a CTA. Each email should have at least one CTA, taking your recipients where you want them to. Do not conceal your CTA to make a place for animation advancements.

Due to the rising prominence of mobile devices, the number of people going through their mobile inboxes is also increasing gradually. Make sure that the email you send renders well not only on a desktop but also on a mobile device. It will ensure a positive experience to the recipient regardless of which device they are using to view their inbox.

A/B Testing

Testing is much more than just a trend. It is a technique that you should use in all facets of your marketing strategy, but let’s focus on how you can utilize it for emails.

There are four main aspects of each email- preview text, subject line, design, and CTA. You can apply A/B tests to discover what serves best for you but, make sure to modify one variable for each test. It’s like a scientific experiment: one control and one variable changes.

By running A/B tests, you can assure every email that you send out is optimized to be what serves the best with your recipients.

Closing Thoughts

The above-stated email marketing trends will help you optimize and make the most of every email that you send. If you are seeking an expert to help you out with your email marketing campaigns, then don’t hesitate to contact us below and learn more about email marketing.

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