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Ujjwal Suri is a social media executive by profession. With over four years’ professional experience in social media space, he has fruitfully executed social media campaigns for numerous clients of Axtrics. On the role, he comprehensively makes media strategies to swarm audience, fetch engagement, and conduct business. The official part-time photographer and videographer of the company who finds solace in capturing different shades of moments of the company.

As a media executive, he manages all the social media channels for a versatile range of clients, such as UVT, Toycart & Revo America. The creation, curation, and management of all the content (images, video, and written) to be published is one of his key job responsibilities.

Being an artistic genius, he has excelled in the domain of social media to develop brand awareness and online reputation, applying his great thoughts and interactive skills. He has transformed the social media division with his constant fountain of ideas. He has a fabulous breadth and depth of social media dynamics and is fluent in traditional, new, and emerging media platforms.

Living his name, he believes in spreading “Brightness” with his beaming face. Ujjwal is a favorite among his colleagues for his jovial nature and belly laugh on the floor. And not to forget, his love affair with movies. When away from the screen you will either find him chitchatting with people or lost in his own fantasy world. Best when hunting for the next trailhead.

A true Cinephile to death who not just watch the characters of a movie but lives them. A counter of untold stories trying to put blocks in its places is what defines his multifaceted personality. In his downtime, Ujjwal loves to explore the road less traveled by and leave a mark of impact on the world.

Ujjwal’s unrivaled social media prowess paired with his infectious enthusiasm cemented him as an asset to the company. His mission as a Social Media Executive is to enhance the client’s online branding and generate new leads. And he is doing it by turning the internet into a slightly more fun place to visit.

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