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1. Celebrating 610 million members with LinkedIn Live.


610 million individuals are presently communicating, networking and searching for new open doors on LinkedIn. With the engagement rates at record levels and 61 million senior-level influencers as members, LinkedIn is really addressing to a profitable niche audience.

Even though LinkedIn is a late bloomer among the other social networks, It’s no less innovative than its opponents. Currently, it propelled LinkedIn Live. It’s the new live streaming that LinkedIn is presently beta testing in the US, in case you are unaware of it. Visualize this: conferences, product announcements or Q&As driven by mentors and influencers. Makers will get the opportunity to work together with third-party developers of live streaming services to make an expert-looking final product.

2. Facebook Groups get even stronger with new tools.


Facebook has been struggling with a subsequent decline in the engagement on its platform by prioritizing Groups. Every month, 1.4 billion Facebook users connect within groups and 200 million FB users are followers of active groups. This last Communities Summit (an official event for Facebook Group administrators) revealed a series of new product devices, from new post designing choices to brand collaboration features to another mentorship program and subscriptions to monitor your most loved topics. Groups have been a boom for Facebook recently, so they are probably going to be a remarkable focus area for the company over the coming few years.

3. IGTV is coming to your Instagram feed.


It’s difficult to acknowledge that your most recent product isn’t taking off as expected. However, Fb isn’t withdrawing yet. Following to releasing the option to share IGTV content to stories earlier in September, “The Social Network” has recently declared that Instagram users will be able to view IGTV previews in their usual feeds whenever a profile they follow renews its IGTV channel. Certainly a bit intrusive, but with about 72% of brands reporting that they have no plan of making IGTV content in 2019, this could actually encourage them to rethink about it.

4. Linkedin Groups are finding their way.


According to an announcement made a few months back regarding a makeover for Linkedin Groups, considering it the pride of the Linkedin space. After a couple of minor but fundamental modifications, it appears as though Groups are picking up once more. They will currently be re-integrated into the main application to dodge jumping between Groups and the primary platform. Moreover, Linkedin has additionally pushed out a couple of new highlights: notifications for new posts, notifications for posts made by users in your interface, highlights for meaningful discussions, post review & approval and Group cover image personalization. What’s more, don’t stress over those email notification blasts—they’re not returning (until further notice).

5. Twitter users are still in decline.


The year’s end, for the most part, comes closely associated with a performance report. After every progression it has been experiencing, from managing spam to banning bots, Twitter is still trying to demonstrate that there’s a possibility for development in spite of the fact that it’s monthly active clients are declining. After working on improving the quality of content and promoting positive interactions, Twitter has stated that it will not measure its “Active Users”, but in its place will implement a new metric named “Monetizable Active Users”. It refers to the actual number of users fit to be served ads. In the first quarter of 2019, Twitter will keep up its fight to tidy up the platform, implying that its revenue still won’t see much growth over the next few months. But stay tuned!

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