Difference Between Shared & Dedicated Chat Support Models

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The foundation of any company’s support plan is the Omnichannel consumer service. It is very crucial to have a strategy in place for assigning agents to these channels as its impractical for specialists to do everything. The shared agent model and dedicated agent model are the two techniques for channel assignment. In a shared model, the agents handle a few or all channels concurrently whereas the focus is set upon a single channel in a dedicated model.

Dedicated Model

There are advantages & disadvantages attached to both the methods of consumer chat support models. However, the company with more than ten operators is suggested to use the dedicated model. Operators concentrate on clients from one channel in this model. This model enables specialists to build up a strong understanding of the individual channels and locate the best techniques for helping clients, allowing the support group to ascend more successfully. Nonetheless, the drawback of this model is that the specialists frequently don’t get a profound understanding of a client’s issues and they end up heightening complex queries leading in underdevelopment or shallower development of a skillset.

Shared Model

In a shared model, specialists are expected to perform on the channels that demand the most consideration and switching over to different channels as they continue growing busier. For instance, a shared specialist may begin their day working on email assistance, changing over to serving chats coming in. The advantage of this model is that specialists expand their time and are constantly resolving customer queries. In any case, an operator would need to be remarkably qualified to have the capacity to switch between various channels with little notice.

No single factor will figure out the right model for you. Eventually, the particular realities of your business, support system, and objectives will perform a part in figuring out an ideal model for your business.

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