Ideas to Skyrocket Your Black Friday Holiday Sales

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The holiday season brings along some of the most significant days of the year for your business like Black Friday and Cyber Week. That’s right, it’s that time of the year when you need to kick into gear and start preparing for the biggest sale of the year!

Black Friday marketing is all about planning properly, having persistence, and showing off your creativity. And that’s what you need to do to make your company stand out of the race.

What can you do to pull consumers to your site, this shopping holiday season?

Given below are some useful Black Friday ideas for your eCommerce store.

Black Friday Ideas for 2019

Promotional Banners

Use a promotional banner as a reminder to your current and potential consumers, telling them about the forthcoming holiday sales. Every time customers see the banner while browsing your site, your products will get pushed, and your promotions will flash right into their minds. The promotional banner can incorporate a countdown, artistic imagery, or just a simple text to remind them of the exclusive deals you’re offering.

Flash Sale

Keep a flash sale before the spring of Black Friday to broaden the effect of the advertisement. The sale can start at any time, from a few days to hours ahead of Black Friday. This trailer of promotion can excite customers to watch the whole movie of the deals your company offering them. Don’t forget to set strict conditions and provisions to keep control over the rapid sale.

Evaluate Advertising Spend

Investing majorly in digital marketing as you near Black Friday can boost your company’s sales and exposure. We suggest starting advertisements a few days before Black Friday to double up pre-sale awareness. Ads must cover product images, exclusive deal promos, and date information to make your customers know the context and timeliness of your offers.

Add a Countdown Ticker on the Checkout Page

Having a countdown timer on the checkout page will provide an additional boost to your customers while deciding to buy your product. The addition of a countdown timer to the checkout page will build a sense of urgency, making your customers more inclined to make a purchase. As no one wants to feel the fear of missing out (aka F.O.M.O.), it’s beneficial to use this approach to your advantage and close the deal without any delay.


During your countdown to the big day, try to give a sneak peek of some of the great deals that you will be offering to your customers. Consider employing digital advertisements, a pop-up on your landing page, and creative social posts. Applying these options will make your customers feel involved and build anticipation for sale.

Personalized Gift Guides

Build a few pages featuring gift guides based upon distinct personalities of the customers. If you are running a clothing business, you can offer a list of various clothes specially tailored for a traveler, a chic fashionista, or a minimalist. Creating these lists will make it more accessible for your customers to lessen the stress of gift shopping, presenting them with added options. This list will also stimulate them to check out more products on your site.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

You can take leverage of the social platforms of your company to implement so many things. To begin with, you can post a countdown timer to Black Friday, planting the seed in the minds of your followers that your company is partaking in Black Friday. Besides linking the products directly to your site from the post or your platform’s bio, you can feature the sneak peek, which we mentioned previously. Hash-tagging your images with #BlackFriday or #BlackFriday2019 will fetch attention from even those people who aren’t following your company’s social.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

You can use up-sell and cross-sell tactics to stimulate your shoppers to purchase more and get more. In case they’re getting an older version of a phone, then including up-sell promo materials can encourage them to buy the latest and costlier version of the phone. You can achieve this by giving free shipping or a complimentary gift if they upgrade to the better product. Also, you can cross-sell your products by bundling them with complementary products, such as a phone with earphones, along with offering it for a reduced price.

Emails, Emails and Some More Emails

Email marketing is very crucial for promoting your Black Friday sales. You can begin by making a simple Black Friday announcement email fueling the interest of your customers. Keep sending more eye-catching emails with compelling pictures and messages to build excitement about the holiday as you approach the big day. Keep your shoppers on their toes by sending emails to encourage them to purchase the products before it’s gone. You can send the gift with purchase offers, giveaway emails, and many more!


Black Friday is the time for your company when you need to be creative with your marketing strategies. So break free of your hesitation of thinking out of the box and exploring innovative ways to advertise and engage more customers. As long as you have great marketing tactics and employ some of these ideas, your company could see an enormous online turnout on Black Friday.

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