Innovative Technologies Ensuring Security of Online Shoppers

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Failure at customer security is the biggest hindrance in the way of the enhancement of smart e-retailers. Around 60% of consumers don’t rely on eCommerce merchants with their credit card data and personal information. Due to which many customers are hesitant to shop online. There are many cutting-edge eCommerce technologies readily available to offer a secure buying experience for its customers. Here are some of the tech trends that dealers can follow to enhance the safety of their websites.


Most of the customers are using mobile commerce to shop online, considering which their wallets are also going mobile. Apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay, stores credit card information through which shoppers can effortlessly pay for shopping without actually displaying their credit cards.

The yearly spend through these two apps has risen up to $8 billion in 2018 from $540 million in 2016. Apart from user-friendly apps being the reason, the subsequent increase in this number is owing to the decreasing use of cash and increased comfort with the technology’s security featuring the encryption technology that secures EMV cards. Focusing on the usefulness and accessibility of eCommerce, mobile wallets provide a frictionless and secure purchasing experience that boosts long-term customer dealings.


Digital Ledger Technology or Blockchains address the core concern of secure online transactions made in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. These databases have a unique chain for every transaction, which can be analyzed but not changed. This feature of automated accountability holds a great promise for online business traders as it validates and secures value-based information.

The blockchain is capable of making fast and transparent currency transactions by reducing the exchange of personal information and eliminating the threat of fraud and chargebacks. Though it sounds like a far off technology, some payment processors have already commenced transactions via bitcoins while some of the other retailers are already accepting the digital currency.


Till the time bitcoins conquer eCommerce globally, credit cards are the most preferred payment method for most online transactions. Due to an increase in the risk of CNP fraud, merchants need to ensure the security of these online transactions which is attainable by the use of locked-down shopping cart software.

The traders must follow the PCI Security Standards governing account data protection while creating their shopping carts. Merchants can gain customers’ confidence and combat data compromise by enforcing shopping cart software that meets the standards of PCI comprising features like sensitive data encryption and numerous firewalls.


Fraud has become a big menace for online retailers. The yearly estimate of loss due to CNP fraud is expected to reach up to $7.2 billion by the closure of 2020. But more than just monetary loss, the retailers risk losing their customer’s faith and future purchases.

The retailers need to apply a comprehensive approach to the risk management strategy to avert these losses. Manual surveys alone are wasteful and tedious and automated accounts are resolute with an unnecessary false decrease rate. But a multi-layered methodology takes the best parts of the two systems and streamlines the survey procedure by expanding endorsement rates and bringing down false decreases. The merchants must understand their fraud protection options while selecting the best solution that meets their requirements and leverages available eCommerce technology. The right choice will aid in improving data security and increasing the confidence of the customers.

In general, eCommerce has undoubtedly been developing in prominence in the era of millennials. Technology is an ordinary part of the life of the present age of youngsters or “digital natives”. This is an inflection stage where the inclination of clients and millennials towards ubiquitous technology will let eCommerce to reach the common people unlike ever before without any worries.

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