Tips to Use Facebook Ad Targeting in 2020

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Targeting through Facebook eCommerce Ad has made significant progress since its infancy in 2007. In case you’re trying to reach your current customers or track users after they have left your site, Facebook has built the technology to make it possible. If you’re not clear where to start from while targeting or are searching for a few pointers, we’ve drafted Facebook’s leading ad targeting options that you can try in 2020.

1. Facebook Retargeting

If you’ve ever checked a pair of shoes and they appear to chase you around the internet, then you’ve encountered retargeting. Even though this technique began in display advertising, Facebook has instantly grown to be one of the dominant performers in the retargeting space.

To configure a campaign, you’ll need to install the Facebook pixel on your web properties and start “cookie-ing” your visitors and consumers. From that point, you can identify who you want to retarget based upon specific parameters comprising website behavior and page views. For example, you can target customers who have added goods to their cart but haven’t bought yet.

2. Custom Audiences & Identical Campaigns

With Custom Audiences of Facebook, you can effortlessly upload email addresses of your current shoppers, leads, and contacts that you want to target. From there onwards, Facebook will compare your data with its to locate your customers on Facebook. You can then select to target your Facebook ads to the directory you uploaded, or build a lookalike audience of Facebook users with the same interests.

3. Specific Demographics and Locations

These are some of the sincerest and most direct forms of targeting that are essential components for successful campaigns. For instance, you can use these various parameters to target particular locations and demographics based on age, sex, languages, demographics, geographic locations, and interests. You can further experiment with many combinations to concentrate on your specific target audience.

4. Targeting Life Event

With options like “away from family,” “recently moved,” and “new job,” Facebook enables advertisers to become hyper-connected to what is taking place in the lives of their audiences. The benefit of targeting users during their specific life events can help you connect with your audience on an emotional level. Once you are in tune with your audience, they will feel in tune with you too!

5. Integrations with 3rd Parties

As much as we enjoy uploading CSV files for custom audiences, many third-party integrations allow you to automatically sync your smart lists to custom audiences on FB like HubSpot’s new Ads Add-On. Also, the feature helps to create lookalike audiences based on smart lists. There are many tools available in the market to choose from, so pick precisely.

6. Platform Targeting

As Facebook proceeds to expand its technological imprints, advertisers have various platforms to choose from for their benefit. These options currently include Facebook, Messenger App, Instagram, and the Advertiser Network. Each platform has unique merits and demerits, so we recommend you to take the time to evaluate your audience and learn where they are ready to spend their time. Also, remember that pictures and ad copy should be such to work for the platforms you target.

7. Negative Audiences

Try incorporating negative audiences if your campaign is casting widely on the net. The feature helps you exclude less-qualified audiences without narrowing down the things. If you manage an eCommerce business, combining a negative audience for recent customers can be a great start. This approach is pocket-friendly and also raises the possibility of reaching interested buyers, adding to your existing customers.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of which Facebook targeting options you pick, it’s essential to examine and analyze the data. Digital advertising entails experimentation, so keep trying, even if you fail to strike success in the first attempt. Know your targeting options and seek a different combo to view what works the best for the personas of your brand.

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