Evolution of Artificial Intelligence In eCommerce

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Being aware of the fact that innovations in eCommerce are transforming the domain of online shopping, turning in-person businesses into a relic of bygone days. Corporations are looking forward to finding advanced ways to uplift their client experience and meet the ever-rising demand to grow.

The prominent technological enhancement changing eCommerce for the better is artificial intelligence (AI). This trend of automation enables retailers to use information, endorse products, and target the needs of the client more proficiently. Continue reading to delve into how the development of AI in eCommerce is developing online shopping as we probably are conscious of it.

The technology has unknowingly become an essential part of our daily life. From Google search results to Amazon’s products suggestion and Netflix’s movie recommendations to the bank’s VRU system, there are various tools powered by Artificial Intelligence, that even people who are non-technogeeks also use.

Due to the competence of technology, its use is estimated to grow immensely during the course of the next two years. According to research company Gartner, around 85% of the interactions between firms and customers would be handled by AI rather than humans by 2020.

AI is the prominent technological enhancement changing eCommerce for the better. The trend of automation enables retailers to use information, endorse products, and target the needs of the client more proficiently. Continue reading to delve into how the development of AI in eCommerce is developing online shopping as we probably are aware of it.

Personalized Recommendations


Has it ever appeared to you that your PC knows you better than you know yourself? It has become a common experience since AI technology has entered numerous mainstream sites. You can observe this on Amazon’s internet shopping place where your personalized orders are upfront. Using the information about your past shopping propensities, AI can form intelligent recommendations about similar items that you might be interested in.

Amazon expanded its deals by approximately 30% after introducing customized content to their webpage. We all have fallen for a recommended product, thus creating a dynamic shopping experience for customers and companies both.

In short, you can see the recommendation engine as an intelligent and sophisticated salesperson, who is well aware of the taste of the buyer, making the search engine more intelligent to make decisions and recommendations.

Some of the software like Barilliance, Optimizely, Maropost, Omniconvert, and Pure360 can help your eCommerce sites to boost sales and conversion rates by granting visitors with the personalized omnichannel shopping experience.


People typically depends upon an individual in client support to get answers to their inquiries concerning transportation, items, and requests, which at present even computers can do. Chatbots have evolved as a revolutionary AI technology that responds to questions, helps with requests, and even book reservations.

1-800-flowers, a bouquet specialist is one of the former companies to introduce chatbot making it easy for their clients to get help for their orders through Facebook messenger bot. Also, you can send flowers to your family or friend through it. It’s anything but difficult to use, an incredible option in contrast to the conventional internet shopping background.

As compared to bots, humans are more prone to make mistakes or errors. For instance, a human customer service executive might fail in recording information or browse disclaimers in accordance with laws and auditing requirements. While, on the other hand, chatbots automatically obey all the commands according to their programming. Plus, they also provide auditable tracks for the conversation.

AI and machine learning have transformed the programming of software solutions. Due to which bots can read every conversation and access the historical data of a customer. Thus, the possibilities of giving wrong answers due to the information gap become less. Boston Consulting Group’s research has shown that retailers who have enforced some of the ‘smart’ solutions have reported a 10% increase in their sales.

Some other advantages of chatbots:

  • 24×7 availability
  • Chatbots can tackle a high number of request
  • It accommodates to understand the users accurately
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Updates customer support services by analytics and data filtering
  • Saves a lot of time

You can employ various bot-building platforms like Chatfuel, Botsify, MobileMonkey, and Flow XO to create your own chatbot and interact with your customers, as we have taken the support of Tawk.to in building our chatbot.

Stronger Websites


AI tech serves the websites to perform at a higher level. Earlier, the companies could escape with a site that doesn’t operate properly but, today it’s a different story. The users are savvier than ever before, and they’re more inclined to turn back if they encounter an issue while seeing your online retail webpage.

Technical glitch, slow loading time, and interrupted connections result in losing a client towards your opponent. With such a limited threshold for errors, it’s really essential than ever before to come up with automated resolutions to manage web issues. Tools like WordPress, PHP, Joomla, Magento, ASP.NET, JavaServer Pages can ensure that your website is user ready.

Marketing Assistance

marketing assistance

AI technology can easily supervise complicated advertising campaigns. Amidst such a large amount of rivalry in the digital space, it’s not a surprise that organizations are searching for new ways to get an edge. AI Albert is a first of its kind software created for a full-funnel digital arrangement.

AI Albert can assist with a variety of things from testing and automation to media exchange mirroring the full scope of a marketing team.

While developing an online eCommerce store, you will have to direct your focus over high expenses of the market which can help you to grapple over customer assistance.

AI will amend the targets and profits with spending lower resources and try to get more income to the owners. It will impact the eCommerce business and render better services in the upcoming future, with marketing tools like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Trello, Google Analytics, and many more.

The world of eCommerce has evolved into a much different place today than it existed five years back. Things are changing rapidly around here, where only the most flexible businesses will be able to keep up the pace. Visibly, AI has made its imprint in the industry stating that it’s here to stay and providing complex solutions to complex problems via intelligent data.

From chatbots to multiple business integrations, AI challenges the customs and ideas of eCommerce and proposes a new way of doing things. AI technology studies customer behavior and shows ways to connect with them before it’s too late. Whether you’re working towards enhancing your customer service or scuffle abandoned carts, there is an AI solution for any of your business queries.

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