How to Begin with eCommerce User Generated Content

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Meaning of User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) implies the written or multimedia content associated with your brand. Generally, this content is created by someone who is unofficially affiliated with your firm or business.

You can directly connect your brand with customers via user-generated content, such as social media integration, product reviews, FAQ’s, and discussion boards. This authentic content is socially interracial, personalized, insightful, and understandable. Best of all, it helps in building trust with consumers and ultimately translating into the success of the business and scalable growth.

In a jam-packed eCommerce business, securing third-party credibility is key to creating the trust of the consumer. Brands utilizing user-generated content display authenticity and typically generate more certain acknowledgments from consumers.

Benefits of eCommerce user-generated content incorporate:

  • Developing trust
  • Manifesting real-life practicality
  • Boosting conversions
  • Enhancing organic search results
  • Fetching leads to your website
  • Generating a stronger social following
  • Providing free marketing content

Types of User-Generated Content:

Customer Reviews


With customer trust at an all-time low rate, third-party reviews allow the notable possibility for achievement to the businesses looking forward to making an online impression. 82% of consumers find user-generated product reviews to be extremely beneficial and 70% of consumers consider ratings or reviews before initiating any purchasing decisions.

Consequently, brands incorporating reviews within product pages can support their reliability and encourage customers to purchase. Just like Amazon has done a fabulous job, including optimized product reviews in its content marketing plan. Possible customers can give product star ratings, along with chatting with other users through Amazon’s customer Q&As. This two-way interaction level supports brands personally connect to consumers and build trust. If you are still just considering adding consumer reviews to your website, then we highly recommend you delve into this option.

Social Media Content & Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing

Social media and influencer marketing is one of the most renowned types of user-generated content. These platforms are very profitable and successful because they advertise real-life apps of goods and services. Moreover, they extend the range of content to distinct networks and accommodate brands to engage with new possible customers.

For instance, let us suppose you run a furniture store and you want to exhibit different items to your customers. Merging images from your Instagram account on product pages can give an idea to the potential buyers about how the pieces of furniture can be used in everyday settings. These kinds of posts recount a story of positive customer experiences, helping purchasers to visualize themselves using your products. Furthermore, brands can take advantage of hashtags and influencer connections to source additional exclusive content onto their product pages and feeds.

Effective UGC campaigns utilize customer photos to deliver a lifestyle and not merely a product. Even though Instagram is debatably the biggest platform for photography marketing, we advise exploring other platforms also based on your business.

Multiple brands have also seen success in running advertisements or incentives to promote social sharing. If you practice this approach, don’t forget to incorporate hashtags and ask your customers to tag your business in their posts so more people can find the content.

FAQ Forums & Discussion Boards


Although this sort of UGC doesn’t pertain to all businesses, it can benefit particular brands to increase the confidence of the customer. In many cases, FAQ content becomes a brand-created page. However, costumer-accessible FAQ forums and discussion boards give an excellent opportunity to immediately connect with existing and likely customers.

Designing public FAQ forums and discussion boards enables consumers to share real-life tales and opinions, resulting in increased confidence of potential buyers. Additionally, this approach aids marketers to pay less time constantly updating FAQs pages because customers take on most of the lift. If you choose FAQ forums as a kind of eCommerce user-generated content, we recommend you to actively watch over these pages for remarks and complaints. Brands should utilize this opportunity to connect personally, address concerns, and build positive experiences, encouraging repeat conversions. We suggest using Aframark if you are looking for some real syndicating Q&A solution for eCommerce.



Although there are numerous user-generated content apps in the market, we’ve discovered that Yotpo is one of the most popular and influential choices for eCommerce businesses. This platform “integrates with leading eCommerce platforms and apps to generate and maximize the power of user-generated content.”

Especially, Yotpo improves display Q&A, reviews, ratings, and images at key conversion points across your website and social media accounts. Also, Yotpo’s AI-powered resolutions leverage and accumulate ratings and reviews to transform consumer content into sales conversions. Ultimately, customizable widgets drive buyers to write reviews on-site. In general, this tool helps the clients to centralize their eCommerce user-generated content applications and boost return on investment.


There is no secret method or formula that will serve for every business. But, accurately implementing user-generated content can spread your brand for the long-term, increase customer lifetime value, lowering the cost of purchase and increase other traffic-driving actions. If you still haven’t explored this marketing plan yet, then you must carry on your research mission and learn more about it.

If you need more information regarding UGC, then contact our expert team and we’ll willingly answer any questions you may have.

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