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There always comes a time when you spend a large chunk of your time preparing for a website launch that everyone associated grows keen to push it live. It’s very natural to overlook unintentionally tiny details essential to launch your site.

Overlooking the tiny details only leads to added difficulties for you to tackle later. That’s why it’s crucial to follow a website launch checklist and recheck or double-check that you’ve completed the essentials.

So what should include in a website launch checklist?

Before launching your eCommerce site, make sure to double-check the things given below:

  • Examine your content
  • Optimize your SEO strategy
  • Review your design details
  • Focus on functionality of your site

Examine Your Content

After thoroughly reading your content once, make sure to re-read it. Make sure there are zero grammatical mistakes. There is nothing more unprofessional than having grammatical or spelling mistakes in the content of your new site.

Besides, reviewing the content of your page, make sure to review all of the content written on your downloadable assets like videos, eBooks, and webinar transcripts. Everything in your web copy from headers to paragraphs to footers must be accurate and placed on the exact page.

Optimize Your SEO Strategy

While checking your SEO strategy, you must consider the following:

  • Use keywords correctly
  • Put meta descriptions in place
  • Add alt tags to your images

Additionally, the titles of the pages are one of the most significant aspects of an eCommerce website. The title help visitors and search engines learn more about the content and context of the page. Make sure to take some time out beforehand to match the title of your page with your web content.

If you are not certain about your approach towards any of these things, then you must go through your site again and optimize your strategy to incorporate the best practices. With an optimized strategy, you’ll see growth in your organic search rankings.

Review Your Design Details

After monitoring the development of your website design, have you considered to check how it appears in other browsers? What may look picture-perfect in Chrome may resemble a hot mess in Firefox.

You may have a responsive website, but that doesn’t suggest it will appear sharp and accurate over other platforms on its first try only. Don’t wait till after your website is live to find that various other browsers are not presenting your design accurately.

While checking your website design across the other platforms ensure to check that:

  • Website pages are compatible with gadgets like Android, iPhone, and tablets.
  • Website pages are compatible with other browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • All scripts are optimized.
  • The style of paragraphs is working correctly.

Focus On Functionality of Your Site

After taking the time to set up your site completely, you would want your visitors to have the capability to engage with every feature of your site. So ensure to test your website and assure that everything works as it should.

We strongly encourage looking at your website as any of your visitors would. Double-check that all features and aspects (including form fields, redirects, social media icons, and third-party integrations) of your site work properly.

Don’t be scared to request different members of your team to go through or test your site. You’d be startled to observe how diverse people navigate through the site and what areas you forget to check.

Bonus Tip: Triple Check the Tracking of Analytics

We have seen many instances where people check the four things posted above, then immediately decides to launch the site. And then, usually, about after a week, someone recognizes tracking is messed up in analytics and realizes that they’ve missed an opportunity to gather valuable data at the time of website launch.

Avoid mucking up your data. Before launching the site, check that your Google Analytics tracking is all set so that you can precisely measure the success of your launch.


There are several factors to analyze before the website launch. We hope you will use this checklist to make sure you’ve incorporated the major components required for a successful launch.

In case you’re looking for any assistance in launching your eCommerce site or would prefer further website support, reach us through the comment section given below. Our team of experts will be glad to assist you in successfully setting up your online store.

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