Best Ways to Increase AdWords Conversions

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Even if you’re spending monthly three or six figures on search ads, every profitable or gainful Google AdWords campaign starts with a firm foundation. If you are not sure where to start from, then we’re here to put a full-stop on your worries and help your business boost AdWords conversions.

If you’re giving a thought to improve your performance, drive extra leads, and increase AdWords conversions, we suggest following the tips below:

  • Design a mobile-friendly landing page
  • Limit contact form fields
  • Implement ad extensions
  • Proffer something away
  • Test and improve

1. Design A Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Imagine you’re willing to make a purchase online, making it to the checkout page, and have to zoom-in three-four times to fill out your credit card information. Yikes! Right? As mobile eclipses desktop traffic for numerous companies, it’s more crucial than ever before to produce a mobile-first experience.

So what exactly does that imply? Primarily, make sure your landing page is responsive. That means that your website should adapt at various breakpoints to guarantee an intuitive user experience on every device. Your website should also load quickly on portable devices or mobile to overcome drop-off and build a more effective path to conversion.

Mobile landing pages are imperative for AdWords success. Especially in the context of PPC, your company has a very brief amount of time to draw in users and push them to convert.

The last thing you desire is to produce friction during the process of conversion. That’s why greeting guests or visitors with a mobile-optimized landing page can enhance user experience resulting in raised conversions.

2. Limit Contact Form Fields

Marketers embrace contact information. But, let’s be practical – no one genuinely likes filling out forms. Creating long forms can create a wall for AdWords traffic you’re trying to convert. The hard part is finding the equilibrium between exactly knowing what you need without asking for more.

The number of fields in your form depends upon your company’s intentions. However, requesting the first name, email ID, and a comment is a reliable place, to begin with.

By narrowing down your contact form to lesser fields, you decrease the amount of effort your user needs to put in. Because of which they may be more inclined to fill out the form.

3. Implement Ad Extensions

Google AdWords is armed with a broad range of ad extensions devised to boost website traffic and raise conversion rates. Google also reports that adding extensions in your ads can increase your ad quality score. Some of our picks include:

  • Location extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Callout extensions
Location Extensions

Location extensions exhibit your business address, phone digit, and a map marker within your AdWords ad. You can also use a direct link or connection for mobile ads so that the searchers can quickly get ways to your business.

Call Extensions

Call extensions show your contact number within ads, making it simple and easy for the people searching to contact your business. Google states that click-through rates can improve as much as 6-8% when an ad inserts call extensions.

Review Extensions

Review extensions enable you to highlight third-party reviews in your ads. The feature enhances the credibility of your service or product, which can stimulate more leads and conversions.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions (not to be mixed with call extensions) allow you to insert more text within your ads. Try utilizing these extensions to feature products, special offers, or services.

4. Proffer Something Away

Incentives can be an incredible way to draw conversion when we are talking about PPC. Although we are not asking you to give away the entire store, but offering something small and basic can have a large impact on your conversion rate.

If you’re in an eCommerce business, offering a complimentary sample, free shipping, or an exclusive discount can be the impulse your potential customers need. On the other hand, B2B companies can offer exceptional and advanced content like eBooks, FAQs, guides, and PDF downloads to propel users down the funnel to convert.

5. Test and Improve

The most crucial and valuable tip on this list. You must not forget to test your titles, ad pages, copy, and extensions to ensure your ads match your expectations and are converting. Testing will uncover all the issues and help you to improve performance by the time.

In case you lack a dedicated AdWords professional in staff, we suggest monitoring performance weekly to recognize what’s working for you and what isn’t. From there, try performing small tests to improve performance.


Follow these sure-fire tips to increase your AdWords conversions. Whether you’re initiating your initial dive into AdWords or merely require a second opinion, we’re always here for our assistance.

Still, got issues or queries? Contact us through the comment section below, and our team will reach out to help you in no time.

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