Advantages of Product Videos for eCommerce Brands

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Would you prefer watching a 20-second video clip or reading a one-page summary? The video has become the chief source for absorbing information in today’s world overloaded with information.

With all this information quickly accessible with our fingertips, the attention spans and patience levels of the customers tend to lessen while consuming or awaiting to consume content.

Advantages of Product Videos:

Encourage product page conversion and build the trust of your consumer by showcasing videos on your product pages and posting them on social media. This digestible content keeps the interest and engagement of your customers, one of the several benefits of leveraging product videos.

Below are some of the ways how eCommerce businesses can gain using product videos:

  1. Get your message across faster
  2. Highlight product features and details
  3. Build consumer trust and brand credibility
  4. Give information and value
  5. Share across multiple platforms

Get Your Message Across Faster

Visual content is crucial in this modern world of marketing as it provides a medium that takes your message across faster. Video gives a visual of the product and appeals to your audience’s different senses, which translates into a stronger perceived value.

Although eCommerce product photography is efficient on its own, online customers can make a buying decision faster by viewing your product videos (rather than scrolling through all of your product pictures.)

Highlight Product Features & Details

eCommerce businesses selling strictly online miss the boat to provide their shoppers with physical inventory to touch before initiating a purchase.

To help shoppers get a feel for an article they’re interested in, you can make use of product videos to highlight the features and details that an image might’ve missed. Or you can highlight any main components that distinguish your product from the competition.

For instance, if a commodity has a tiny zipper or button that is difficult to see in a product picture, or if you want to display the product in use, using videos can help your customers see everything before purchasing.

Build Consumer Trust & Brand Credibility

Build the trust of your consumers by making product videos highlighting or demonstrating every aspect of your product. It’ll instill your customers’ trust in your brand, showing the credibility of your store.

Utilizing only low-quality photographs of the product may make some buyers question the legitimacy of your store. Avoid these doubts by adding videos on your product pages so that the customers feel secure while purchasing before checkout.

Give Information & Value

Give the essential information and show the buyers the value and importance of your items in your product videos. Try correlating your products with each other and analyzing all features to help customers see how they’ll profit from using it.

Comparing products is an excellent cross-selling strategy as it introduces visitors to several other products at different prices. Also, it helps them in deciding which item suits their needs the best. If that happens to be over one single product, then congratulations − you’ve just improved the average order value.

Share Across Multiple Platforms

Search new audiences, improve reach, and make extra sales by boosting buyers to share your product videos on multiple social media platforms, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Keep in mind to post your product videos on social media platforms when required! If you’re running a holiday promotion or a giveaway, then sharing your product video is an excellent way to generate customers’ interest and increase visibility.


When it comes to adding product videos into your marketing strategy, an essential thumb rule is to generate content with a purpose. Do not just produce content just for the sake of producing it.

To help you produce purposeful content, we suggest you learn about the personas of your buyers so that you can fully provide to your various customer segments. The key to driving online sales is sending the content at the correct time during the journey of a buyer.

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