Sure-fire Strategies to Elevate Customer Experience

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Personal associations are the essence of every positive customer experience. Companies are recognizing that online communications are equally valuable than face-to-face touchpoints.

At Axtrics eCommerce, we consider customer experience as an umbrella that encompasses the complete purchase cycle. Underneath it, your website, shipping, marketing, and customer service formulate micro-moments, affecting customer sentiment. It is generally regarded as a “delight” portion of its inbound marketing flywheel.

You tend to increase the possibility of repeat purchases and build brand loyalty by delighting your customers. Eventually, driving towards increasing revenue. Businesses need to create tailor-made programs that will serve the need of their customer. To get you started, we’ve outlined five proven ideas to enhance the customer experience.

Ideas to Improve Customer Experience:

Prove your value

Does your site clearly showcase what makes your business better than your competitors? Do you efficiently convey your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

Visitors often come to a website to solve a problem, answer a query, or get a product. Once they access your store, you must instantly demonstrate how your business greets their needs.

Your unique value proposition helps decrease purchase barriers and builds customer trust. For instance, consumers pay for Amazon Prime because of the service and savings it offers. Try applying this notion to identify a specific service or value your business can provide resolving a customer point of pain.

Make Your Customer Feel Special


When we think about exceptional service, we usually wind up focusing solely on, accomplishing whatever it takes to create a happy customer.

You can develop strong customer relationships by tending to the needs of the client, introducing them to the latest products they may incline towards and following up on queries and leads. Learning about your client personally cultivates trust and makes a business reliable. Similarly, following up with inquiries helps you comprehend what your customers value, which can help you grow in the future.

Although the one-on-one conversation isn’t always feasible, there are some strategies that you can use to show your customers some regard. On the eCommerce side, you can consider the following:

  • Assess return policies
  • Personalize your website
  • Give exclusive discounts and offers
  • Personalize packaging
  • Incorporate phone and live chat customer service

Have a Conversation


Businesses need to return to customer queries as quickly as possible. Implementing online chat, availability on the phone, and text messaging provides accessible and immediate service to the customers. According to HubSpot, nearly 90% of consumers consider fast or quick response as “important” or “very important” if they have a question related to customer service.

It’s also essential that your visitors can see your contact information. We suggest highlighting this information or prominently featuring it, at the top of your page for easy access. For instance, Zappos highlights a customer service menu at the right top of the page that guides you to Live Chat, contact info, FAQs, and feedback forms. All these factors subtly display how businesses value their consumers and aim to provide an outstanding online experience.

Stay in Regular Communication


Enterprises create a portal for communication with its consumers. Keep your customers in the loop by verifying orders and giving shipping notifications. You can also canvass new ideas to enhance their experiences on your site or enable them to share your information with their social networks. If appropriate, we also suggest considering adding a general FAQ page.

Provide Security

Customers prefer businesses that take the security of their data very seriously. Here is where employing blockchain is convenient. Blockchain positively impacts data security, offering stronger encryption and validation with complete signatures across the node. Blockchain lets you manage the customer retention process in real-time, besides making scalability easier without jeopardizing security.

Undoubtedly, people prefer to become a part of a business when they feel the company is putting efforts in keeping their data protected. So employing blockchain and ensuring your customers know their data is secure will be extremely beneficial to their experience.

In general, repeat communication with your customers builds brand recognition and customer loyalty. Consumers are the core of any business, and it’s your job to provide top-notch solutions to their problems. By accomplishing this, you foster a relationship that will keep them coming back for more.

Got some questions regarding how your business can enhance its customer experience? Without any hesitation, reach out to our team through the comment section below.

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