Some Best Instagram Practices to Improve Online Conversions

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What used to be a never-ending feed of photos has transformed into a sphere of endless ROI potential for businesses. Instagram eCommerce is one of the most reliable ways to boost exposure, conversions, and brand awareness.

Instagram Best Practices

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or an eCommerce store retailer employing Instagram in your social media strategy, make sure to follow the following Instagram best practices to retain users at every phase of the buyer’s journey, drive added organic traffic, and improve sales:

  1. Share useful content
  2. Follow your followers
  3. Make use of hashtags to improve visibility
  4. Repost and engage with user-generated content
  5. Link to product pages with product tags

Share Useful Content

Every video, photo, and the story that you share on your Instagram account should have an objective or purpose − whether be it advertising a new product launch, giving discount codes, showing behind-the-scenes, etc.

Consider the personas of your customers to make sure that you’re catering to their changing needs before posting content. Instagram is a unique social media platform compared to others in that it allows businesses to tell a story with photos.

Follow Your Followers

We highly support all eCommerce brands to follow back their followers. It will convey a sense of community to your followers and indicates that you care about them.

Besides, following a follower back on Instagram enables you to view their entire profile, helping you to create a better user experience for that follower. By enhancing their social media experience and building trust within your brand, you’ll drive that prospect into a lead much faster.

Make Use of Hashtags to Increase Visibility

Use hashtags in the captions of your stories, posts, and IGTVs to improve the visibility of your product and brand. That way your Insta posts will be visible to your users when users search for hashtags on the Explore Page of Instagram. Additionally, Instagram now allows users to follow hashtags, providing a better opportunity for your brand to get visible by your target audience.

Add only relevant hashtags, as inappropriate hashtags will make your posts resemble spam. Although Instagram will provide a cluster of random and irrelevant hashtags, we strongly suggest dodging this at all costs as it won’t bring relevant traffic to your page.

Repost and Engage with User-Generated Content

As we have already said, Instagram is a great social media platform to showcase their stories with visual content. It’s also an exceptional platform for users to show the usage of your brand’s products or share their experience with your brand.

User-generated content (UGC) refers to the content associated with your brand that is shared or posted by your followers, consumers, or anyone unaffiliated with your business. Some examples of UGC incorporate bloggers posting their favored product recommendations and happy shoppers posting their latest purchases.

Reposting UGC creates a sense of association and develop brand loyalty. Once your followers start getting noticed by your brand, it makes them feel valued. Also, reposting UGC indicates a “lifestyle” that may attract other people taking a look at your brand.

Another example of UGC is the product (or services) giveaways. Improve visibility and brand awareness by running a giveaway that asks users to like your post, comment on it, and share it in their stories to enter the race to win. It’ll help your brand to get in front of your followers’ followers and get more organic traffic.

Link to Product Pages with Product Tags

Boost conversions by guiding users from the Instagram post of your brand to your product pages. It works only for Instagram approved business profiles, so be sure to get your page approved while creating your account and business profile.

Linking your posts to your products makes it one step simpler for users to navigate to your website. Instead of having to click the site link in your Insta bio and scroll throughout your website to obtain a particular product, users can click on the product tag once and get directed to the product page for the detailed information about the product.

Besides, Instagram gives you the option to show the price too in the product tag. It enhances the user experience by letting the buyer know the cost of your product.


Whether you’re just beginning with a social media branding strategy or are working to increase your online presence, we suggest all businesses follow the above stated Instagram best practices. As it’s apparent that Instagram is one of the best and most popular social media platforms for visual appeal, so make sure to use product images of high-quality while posting content online.

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