Some Basics about eCommerce Conversion Funnel

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Sadly, there’s not a particular proven tactic to bring new visitors to your site and convert them into loyal consumers. Even though paid promotion helps, but still spending thousands of dollars to boost traffic doesn’t always generate sales.

So instead, we recommend developing a unique and comprehensive marketing strategy that is based upon the conversion funnel of eCommerce. It will not only let you optimize the journey of your buyer but also will improve your return on investment.

What Is The eCommerce Conversion Funnel?

The eCommerce conversion funnel leads your potential buyers throughout their shopping journey. It plans out everything right from the initial contact with a visitor to how to properly utilize brand ambassadors. Optimizing this process into a personalized experience at every point of contact will result in a seamless journey, increasing the conversion rates.

For customers to walk through the shopper’s journey, your brand needs to go through the various stages of the eCommerce conversion funnel mentioned below:

  • Reach
  • Engage
  • Convert
  • Delight

1. Reach

The initial stage of the eCommerce conversion funnel comprises the expansion of the reach of a brand through influence marketing strategies. Target and personalize your attempts to present an ideal content at an ideal time to the relevant audience. Do your research and analyze the personas, behavior patterns, demographics, motivations, and goals of a buyer to help to accomplish your endeavors.

Besides, first impressions have a long-lasting impact on the perception of the brand, so make sure that your potential leads have a forward-looking experience during their very earliest encounter with your brand. It will set the grounds for a long-term customer relationship.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Some of the great tactics to improve brand awareness and site traffic and add possible leads to your brand incorporates:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid media

By displaying your expertise through appropriate and high-quality content, you’ll become an essential resource to the customer. Integrating your content across all of your techniques will additionally help in producing a well-balanced marketing experience.

During this stage, it’s essential to keep your focus on fostering a relationship and instilling trust amongst your brand instead of making a hard sell. Extend your reach by enhancing the ways of how people engage with your content.

Optimize your product pages, engage with people on social media, use creatively designed landing pages, and produce promotional content to make sure that you enhance the customer experience.

We suggest utilizing Google Analytics to verify whether you’re efficiently reaching your target market or not. Audience and acquisition metrics enable you to measure the site traffic your marketing efforts are attracting.

2. Engage

To resume building trust with potential consumers and double their investment in your brand, the next move in the eCommerce conversion funnel is engagement.

Building an affectionate bond with a visitor is essential to develop a long-term relationship. We suggest engaging yourself with possible leads on social media – whether through a poll, live stream, Q&A session, contest, or giveaway.

Encouraging visitors to fill in a form lets you obtain their email ID and resume your marketing to them over time. While forming your email strategy, remember to follow top email marketing trends 2020.

Examining metrics such as pages per session, bounce rate, and average duration of a session is useful in mapping the success of your marketing strategy.

3. Convert

Following earning the interest of a potential customer, it’s time to give them all the valid reasons to make a purchase. Influence buying decisions by bringing light to the products or services related to the needs of a customer.

Design pages with a precise call-to-action to improve conversion rates, decrease the abandonment of cart, and make the buying process as easy as possible. Catalog optimization, product queries, live chats, welcome offers, and free shipping are a few ways that you can employ to simplify the purchasing process.

In case you find that your potential consumers are not quite ready to convert, try proposing a free trial to them. Eventually, try to drop poor on-site experiences and technical errors.

Estimate and assess metrics like the number of transactions, revenue, and communication rate to learn about the number of customers your marketing strategy is drawing in. Then, examine how they impact your ROI.

Remember to note your top-converting landing pages, bringing into your knowledge, the pages that are drawing the most qualified leads.

4. Delight

The final stage of the eCommerce conversion funnel. It’s time to delight and retain the customers you have earned.

To ensure they return to your site, enable consumers to stay involved, share their feedback, and suggest your site to their friends. By doing so, you’ll increase their brand loyalty, develop brand exposure, and enhance the reputation of your brand.

If you already own a loyal customer base, then make sure to treat them like royalty with exclusive promos, anniversary offers, and product reviews. Rewarding loyal consumers goes a long way towards keeping relationships and improving your ROI.


You can drastically boost the success rate of your marketing strategy by increasing your reach, engaging leads, transforming potential leads into shoppers, and retaining consumers by delighting them.

Keep in mind that an eCommerce conversion funnel is a customer-centric strategy that focuses on efficiency. As your business proceeds to adapt to the dynamic environment of eCommerce, your conversion funnel will also continue to evolve with it.

Are you keen to learn more regarding inbound marketing for eCommerce? Reach us through the comment section given below with any concerns or inquiries. Our team of marketing strategists would gladly assist you.

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