Proven Tips to Drive More Orders Using eCommerce AdWords

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All eCommerce business desires to sell more of everything it has to offer. Luckily, in the world of eCommerce, there’s a store for everyone.

eCommerce is a new and growing industry. As reported by Shopify, global eCommerce is expected to experience $4.5 trillion in sales in 2021. To meet such expectations, eCommerce sites need to generate more orders and improve AdWords conversions.

So, the actual question remains how can we achieve that? In this blog, we’ll deal with how to utilize eCommerce AdWords to generate a larger number of orders.

If you want to see your online business flourish, you should be employing Google AdWords – a system that delivers advertisers significant decision-making skills about digital ad placement.

It enables eCommerce businesses to attain extra potential customers and obtain more conversions. Although AdWords has an endless menu of functionalities for eCommerce businesses, so we have narrowed down the list to five chief tools and strategies that will help in stimulating online revenue:

  • Ad extensions
  • Remarketing
  • Single keyword ad groups (SKAG)
  • Google shopping
  • Ad copy testing

Ad Extensions

Say adieu to generic search ads with a clear headline and description. Take up extra ad space and display more information to the people who see your advertisement, with ad extensions.

Not every ad extension is created equal. Even though there are various to pick from, we have pulled out the three most useful ad extensions for eCommerce businesses.

Site Link Extension

Keep links to supplementary website pages under your standard ad copy and link. Site link extensions give swift and convenient access for users to click into particular pages within your site.

Review Extension

Customer reviews are an indispensable feature for any eCommerce business. If you’ve got reviews on your Google Business listing, then the extension lets you bring light to those reviews on your ad. Wouldn’t there be extra chances for customers to purchase a product knowing the product has got great reviews?

Promotion Extension/Callout

Promotional extensions enable you to highlight special offers or sales that are appropriate to your target customers. Don’t forget that showcasing impressive deals on your ads can boost your CTR and increase your sales.

We’re also incorporating callouts in this section as they are also used to highlight promotions. In general, callouts are somewhat similar to site links. However, callouts don’t cover links. A callout gives additional ad space to pack with information regarding your brand and everything you have to offer.


The feature of remarketing lists for search ads or RLSA lets advertisers customize their research campaigns to be specially tailored for the people who have previously visited their site.

Remarketing works by setting cookies on your visitors’ device while they are browsing your website and attaching the cookie ID to your RLSA. Each list can be composed of different patterns.

So ensure to make your advertisements relevant to the list of customers you want to target. Your ads should also include an incentive for users to visit your site again and, probably, make a purchase.

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)

As per the name suggest, these are the ad groups with merely one keyword. It might seem unusual as Google used to recommend using 10-20 keywords in each ad group, however, using SKAGs can guarantee that your ads are appropriate to your whole ad group.

With merely a single keyword in your ad group, you can produce highly specific ads that are related to the keyword triggering the ad. Having higher ad relevance will drive more CTR and Quality Score will improve.

Google Shopping

As amazing as text advertisements are, Google Shopping can make your ads even better by displaying specific product images based upon relevance. Google Shopping performs this through AdWords and the Merchant Center.

To begin, you’ll need to ensure your titles, product categories, and pictures are fully optimized. Note: your titles or headings should always include the keywords that you desire your ads to rank for.

Broader product categories may display your product to larger people and improve reach but won’t draw in the adequate traffic. There is not even a single way to assure qualified traffic without distinct product categories, so create your categories to target your audience and make sure your products or goods get in front of your targeted customers.

Lastly, remember to incorporate high-quality product photographs with your ads. In various cases, users require to view the products in action. After all, the product image takes up most of the space in an ad, so make them shine.

Ad Copy Testing

Consider ad copy as your initial pitch. It should be tested, filtered, and ultimately corrected based upon the feedback from your customers. What you think seems astonishing might not do well with users.

So, test new ad copy against current ad copy to assure that the decision you make to move forward is the best one. The copy covers headlines and body copy – don’t forget to test both!


eCommerce AdWords is a fantastic tool for businesses to get their products in the eyes of potential customers. Its various features help optimize any campaign you want to initiate and generate a higher number of orders.

In case you’re looking to make your ads extra engaging and interactive for customers while raising average CTR, then implement ad extensions.

If you desire to put special ads in front of customers who have already visited your site, we suggest remarketing with SKAGs to target more and more qualified users and attract them to your site.

Keep in mind that experimentation is your best mate. What may serve well for one eCommerce brand may not serve well for another. Experiment to collect real data about the techniques that work best for your business.

If you would like insights on consolidating eCommerce AdWords for your business, get in touch with us through the comment section below.

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