Tips to Execute Marketing Efforts During COVID-19

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Even though many people are taking precautions against getting the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s essential to keep in mind that a lot of people have already caught it or know a person who is suffering from it.

As a brand, it’s necessary to keep a level of sensitivity and consciousness to your messaging. But there’s nothing to be scared of anything. Showing empathy can fetch goodwill and respect from your consumer towards your brand, giving you an edge over your competitors. Let’s go through a few tips:

Use Relevant Hashtags

As already stated, the use of social media has increased during this time of the pandemic. One way to increase your reach on social media is by using relevant hashtags. It helps in extending your reach while also representing your brand in a reliable light of being current and up-to-date with the modern consumer.

Start with using some good hashtags like #StopTheSpread, which is about preventing the spread of COVID-19. Or might use a more lighthearted hashtag like #JOMO (joy of missing out), a playful replacement of the typically used hashtag #FOMO (fear of missing out); individuals are using #JOMO as a way to embrace dropping plans and staying inside for the time being.

Another hashtag we’re noticing is #SocialDistancing, that encourages people to pause socializing in-person with other people so to stop the spread of coronavirus. Now, you may be curious about how your business can use these hashtags into your content, so put an end to you wondering, we’re covering that next! 

Be Careful of How Your Business Fits into The Picture

Examine what your business has to offer as it is connected to the general public and the COVID-19. So what’s that you could do differently? For instance, many restaurants (depending upon in-store foot traffic) are shutting their dining rooms and are giving delivery alternatives instead.

You can let your team, work from home and conduct business normally from home. Remember to convey this message to your potential customers.

Let them know that you are doing your bit to terminate COVID-19 and that you’re still working to support them. Consumers will acknowledge your communication and your understanding of the world outside of your industry.

Advantages of Continuing Marketing Through COVID-19

What to expect from marketing through this period of uncertainty? Let’s take a peek into it.

1. Get Ahead of Opponents

Whatever you do now that your opponents are not doing is setting you ahead, like that in a race. Even if you’re going slow, you’re still overtaking people sitting on the couch!

2. Discover More About Your Target Audience

It’s always useful to study more about your consumer base. What are their points of discomfort and shopping behaviors? What drives them to purchase? The more you learn about them out of their demographics, the more strategic and discreet you can be in producing content that converts your leads into customers. Your analysis can provide you with the knowledge to create content that marks the specific needs of your customers. You can place your product or service as an answer to your audience’s specific queries.

Using this time to discover more about your consumer base will enable you to be strategic in the writing-style, language, and imagery you apply in your content moving ahead.

3. Develop Relationships with Potential Customers

Whether you’re a B2B organization that needs to feed leads or a B2C organization that needs to “warm-up” possible buyers, every business can gain from directing potential consumers through the sales funnel. So, use this time carefully to establish genuine relationships with your potential consumers and persuade them to shop from you.

4. Capitalize On Shoppers Ready to Buy Now

A huge number of businesses are closing down temporarily due to COVID-19, narrowing down the options for the public to turn for goods and services. So let people know that you are open for business. Continuing to run your business through the Coronavirus can be as easy as making consumers in need acknowledge that you’re open to providing your service or products like normal.

5. Set Yourself for Success After COVID-19

It is probably the most valuable gain of all. At some point, the time of Coronavirus will pass. So, do you want to begin from scratch with your marketing again, when that time will come? Or you want to lead the competition, growing on the efforts you’ve already put in for the preceding few months? As we all know that most business owners hold long-term minds, so don’t allow the Coronavirus to prevent you from that forward-thinking mindset.

Now is no time to suspend marketing efforts, rather it’s the time for you to be even more planned and strategic in implementing them and continuing your marketing efforts. For any sort of further assistance contact us today to get started.

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