Importance of Continuing Your Marketing Efforts During the COVID-19

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Plenty of information is floating around regarding the pandemic COVID-19: how to dodge it, how to clean or wash hands properly, practicing social distancing, how to respond in case you get the virus, and more.

But apart from these personal concerns, there are professional concerns for small business owners who are trying to lessen hard to the financial impact of this time on their businesses.

In case you’re a small business owner, you probably be struggling with questions like:

  • How will COVID-19 influence my business?
  • How should I market my business through this time of uncertainty?
  • Do I need to market my business during this time?

Well, then answer to that last question is certainly a YES, and here’s why:

At times like these, few businesses tend to withdraw or suspend their marketing altogether, while intelligent businesses utilize it as an opportunity to lead their ways.

So in which category do you fall?

You have two choices as a business owner:

Choice #1: Embrace being a victim, suspend all promotion efforts & brace for a little to zero results.

Choice #2: Take your business by the horns and optimize this chance to get ahead!

Now, you must be thinking, “Yes, certainly, I would rather see positive results than not, but how?”

So let’s know about a few ways you can employ in digital marketing to grow ahead and be on TOP!

Some Marketing Strategies That You Can Use Now

1. Social Media Marketing

People are spending most of their time online now. With plenty of adults working from home, children attending classes at home, and people, overall, trying to stay in during the time of Coronavirus, people are stuck to social media right now!

With improved engagement, reach, and time spent on social platforms, why a business owner would choose to discontinue their social media efforts? It is the right time to put your brand in front, where your target audience is scrolling already.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Taking into account the nature of your business, your users must stumble upon the service or product that you provide in their Google search. SEO is a method that can help your site to rise toward the top rankings on a Google search results page. For the individuals who are already accustomed to SEO, must be knowing that it is a time taking process- unless your opponents pause their SEO efforts. This is what’s following many of our clients; their opponents are scaling back their SEO efforts, which is causing our clients to leap ahead in SEO rankings at a more accelerated pace!

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to connect with your users or clients, whether you’re a B2B or B2C. For B2B businesses, use this time to nourish your current leads via email newsletters.

For B2C and eCommerce businesses, know that consumers buy from brands that they trust. Building that brand-consumer trust is key to the longevity of your business, so why not use this time to place yourself up for long-term gain? Email marketing is an excellent way to achieve that.

4. Social & Google Advertising

When business slows down or uncertainties occur like the time now, it’s a natural reaction for business owners to stop all advertising or promotion efforts. First of all, it’s vital to note that all of the consumers are not tightening their wallets. For the people that are willing to spend now & proceed with their normal routine, your business should be ready and upfront for them.

For users that aren’t ready to spend as much now, they will spend later as soon as normalcy returns, and who do you believe they’ll buy from? A business they spent all the uncertain time of COVID-19 learning about and familiarizing with, not the companies they are unaware of. Advertising your brand on social media and Google keeps your brand consistent and in the eyes of your target audience so that when they are all set to make a purchase, they will do it from you and not your competitors.


Sadly, the coming few months are continuing to get worse. The daily number of new Coronavirus victims is increasing.

From a personal viewpoint, all you need to do is stay inside and practice social distancing. But from a marketing, business, and professional standpoint, you can make a difference.

Stay tuned to check out our upcoming blog on tips and benefits of continuing marketing during this time of uncertainty.

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