Best Product Page Design Practices to Convert Shoppers

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So, you want to turn more website visitors into your customers? Building an exclusive and seamless online purchasing experience is the key to driving conversions, and enhancing the layout of your eCommerce website − specifically improving your product pages − will place you one step closer to achieving this goal.

Product Page Design Tips

Design product pages with a high-convertibility and intuitive purchasing experience for your shoppers by following the below written best practices to design high-converting product pages:

  1. Utilize crisp product photography
  2. Mobile-optimize your product pages
  3. Show the product in use whenever applicable
  4. Give detailed product descriptions
  5. Showcase reviews of previous customers

Utilize Crisp Product Photography

While creating the design of your product page, it’s essential to keep in mind that the product is the first thing customers will be looking at − and that’s what the product page is all about! Attract the eyes of your users’ to your product with crisp & high-quality product photography.

Users arrive on your product page in search for quality and usefulness in your product before purchasing your product. Show them that value by improving the design of your overall website, and generate a sense of trust and confidence by capturing your products in the most favorable light.

Mobile-optimize your Product Pages

Convert more users into customers by optimizing the design of your eCommerce website for mobile devices. As there’s little room for your product information on a mobile screen, we suggest all eCommerce stores implement the below-written tips for optimizing a product page design for mobile devices:

  • Put a limit on the text of your product pages to avoid cluttering and ensuring a positive user experience.
  • Identify the thumb zone or the area where it’s most convenient for the users to touch with a thumb.
  • Use easy navigation so that the shoppers can smoothly navigate through the menu to the store.

Utilize sticky CTAs to make it easier for customers to add products to their shopping carts.

For added details on these tips, check out our blog on the Mobile eCommerce Checklist to make sure your product pages, checkout, and more are mobile-optimized.

Show the Product in Use Whenever Applicable

According to HubSpot, around 73% of people are more inclined to buy your product after viewing a product video. Make use of product videos in association with stellar product photography to display the usage of your products and convert more traffic.

Begin by selecting a genre that suits the best with your offer, like:

  • Highlighting the features of the products
  • Comparing your product with that of your competitor
  • Creating a desirous lifestyle

Sometimes while an individual is on the verge of making a buying decision, a product video is an asset to seal the deal. Stimulate your creativity by leering how the above-written eCommerce product videos can drive product page conversion.

Give Detailed Product Descriptions

As we stated earlier, a mobile-optimized product page should have defined and limited text. However, it’s a best practice to make use of detailed product descriptions in the design of your product page. Make sure to draft product descriptions that are easily accessible to the website visitors on both desktop and mobile devices to create a seamless user experience.

Add informational details, such as the ingredients, materials, etc. comprising your product. Also, instead of listing the product features, emphasize the benefits to show the value of your product fulfilling the unique needs of the customers. Besides, motivate users to buy your product by adding social proof, which drives us to our next best practice.

Showcase Reviews of Previous Customers

Showcasing social evidence such as social sharing buttons, customer reviews, and tickers will tell the new users that previous customers were happy with your product. Build consumer trust by displaying this third-party credibility.

In case a visitor browses a product review from an individual whose story sounds like theirs, then they’re more likely to purchase that product. Also, why would you not want to flaunt your happy customers?

Just be careful about the number of customer reviews on your product pages because you also don’t want to rattle the customer with excess text. We suggest displaying 3 to 4 reviews and then employing a dropdown button for the users to read more.

Wrapping up

We hope you will consider these best product page design practices while creating the layout of your eCommerce website. Generate a positive user experience, converting more visitors into shoppers with visually engaging and easily navigational product pages.

You can explore Axtrics eCommerce’s website services or contact us through the comment section given below with any queries, comments, or concerns. Our team will contact you soon!

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